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August 22, 2014

Stop Organized Attacks on Social Activists!

LankaSocialist Correspondent

The United Socialist Party’s General Secretary, Siritunga Jayasuriya, has contacted the IGP of the Sri Lanka Police Department seeking the progress of the investigations on the recent attack on the motor cycle parade organized by the USP on July 26, 2014.

The alleged attack was carried out by a mob lead by some Buddihist monks, and the USP filed a complaint on the same day at Wadduwa Police Station. LankaSocialist learnt that the police investigation is proceeding very slowly and no legal action has been taken thus far against the responsible parties for this brutal attack.

Click here to view a copy of the letter sent to the IGP.


Press Statement

Let’s Build a Left and Trade Union Platform against Racism

August 05, 2014

Siritunga Jayasuriya

The United Socialist Party wishes to thank all those Left Parties, Trade Unions and individuals who extended solidarity to us at the time of the launch of our initiative ‘Socialist peace March against Racism & Communalism’. We also thank all left parties who organised the press conference to condemn the brutal attack on USP Motor cycle march on 26th July. And USP is grateful to all those who showed us the sympathy and support to us after we were attacked and ambushed by the “Sinhala Rawaya and other extremist” thugs in Buddhist religious robes.

HRacist Buddhist mob ambushes United Socialist Party marchThe initiative ‘Socialist peace March against Racism & Communal ism’ of the USP was to highlight the growing tendency of racism and religious fundamentalism in our country. The communalists who advocate majoritarianism are hounding the religious and ethnic minorities causing enormous damage to the unity of the people in this country. The USP through this initiative of peace march attempted to spread the message of unity and peace across the country including the villages.

We the Socialists and Left forces irrespective of the party flag and identities stand for a peaceful, united country where all religions, languages and ethnic minorities can live in harmony with full dignity as equals. Hence to decry the growing attacks both physical and ideological on these values of our society, we the USP launched the initiative marching against racism through a Motor Cycle Rally to Aluthgama-Dharga Town from Colombo-Narahenpita. Read More...


USP News


Sri Lanka

Racist Buddhist mob ambushes United Socialist Party march

CWI condemns attack and requests solidarity

July 27, 2014

Originally posted by

HRacist Buddhist mob ambushes United Socialist Party marchThe Committee for a Workers’ International strongly condemns the brutal attack on the United Socialist Party (USP) by an organisation of Buddhist racist monks (BBS) in Sri Lanka today.

The USP had organised a motorcycle march to build opposition to the ongoing racist attacks on religious minorities. The motorcade was driving to Aluthgama, a town where Muslim shops and houses were attacked by organised Buddhist extremists earlier this month. (Report:

Participants were distributing leaflets and discussing with local people about the reactionary and dangerous nature of the BBS. They were urged to join in the building of united action against any racist attacks or discrimination on language, national, religious or any other basis. Read More...


July 20, 2014

Workers can win

Victory for $ 15 campaign in Seattle – USA

United Socialist Party, Sri Lanka

Seattle city council in the United States of America has voted to impose $ 15 as the minimum wage in the city. This is the first major city in the US to effect such a law and the new amount is almost double the present wage available in the country.

We did this. Workers did this. First victory for $ 15 will inspire people all over the nation”, said socialist Seattle councilor Kshama Samant who was instrumental in bringing the resolution to this effect.

What’s the different between Seattle and other cities in the US where workers have also been fighting heroic battles demanding @15? Mass campaign built support for $15 and elected Kshama, a member of socialist Alternative (co-thinkers of the United Socialist Party in Sri Lanka) last November. This was a turning point. Read More...


July 20, 2014

Over 100 Gazans have been killed in one week, including 20 children

Siritunga Jayasuriya


Netanyahu’s Israeli government has launched a horrific onslaught of hundreds of air strikes on the densely populated Gaza strip. Over 100 Gazans have been killed in one week, including 20 children. 400 have been injured. One strike hit a group of football fans who had gathered to watch a world cup match; nine were killed.

Palestinians in the occupied territories are forced to suffer heavy representation with regular military incursions, acute unemployment and poverty, and are blockaded, separated and have land continually confiscated. Read More...


National Question


May 16, 2012

USP May Day Parade and Rally – 2014

LankaSocialist Correspondent

May Day 2014 The May Day parade and the rally of the United Socialist Party (CWI Sri Lanka) went ahead on May 1st in Colombo, in spite of the continuing difficulties that the Rajapakshe government creates for those who argue for free speech, democratic rights and socialism.

The parade started from Meetotamulla in the North of the city, through predominantly Muslim, Tamil and Portuguese areas to Grand Pass Junction. A large number of local people turned out to listen to the speeches at the USP rally in the square at Kosgass Junction. Read More...

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