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USP Seminar in Jaffna

LankaSocialist Correspondent

mar27_2015_jaffnaEThe United Socialist Party held a successful public seminar in Jaffna on Saturday May 21st. 25 young people among others attended the seminar held under the theme “Maithree Rule 100 Days and Aspirations of the Tamil people.”

Siritung Jayasuriya, general secretary of the United Socialist Party, who delivered the keynote speech, pointed out that all the talk and rhetoric of this government is all about the south and the north; i. e the Tamil people have been forgotten. The proposed 19th amendment is to placate the Sinhala people and there is nothing in it with regard to the problems faced by the Tamils, Muslims in the East, and Estate workers in the hill country.

USP members held a paper sales campaign in the morning and ‘Sentharaki’, the USP Tamil paper, was sold in the Jaffna town.

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