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protest in front of Myanmar embassy

protest in front of Myanmar embassy

protest picketing campaign was held in front of Myanmar embassy in Srilanka 21st September. This protest initiated by united socialist party together with peoples organisations who is campaign against the military repression against Rohingya Muslim people in Myanmar

In this campaign emphasized that Myanmar as a Buddhist country and as a Nobel price winner how Aung san suukyi can launch military offensive against Muslim minority.

In this gathering siritunga said we have been campaigned many times few years ago to defend democratic rights of SuuKyi against Military rule in Myanmar in this same venue . But we have come here today to campaign against undemocratic rule of SUU Because Sri lanka also Buddhist country so called left parties or the NGO’s do not prepare to come forward to campaign against repressive Myanmar rulers. we thank all the people gathered here today to make success of this campaign.

Nearly 50 people was took part in this campaign and nearly 100 of police was deployed for safe of embassy.


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