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Yesterday’s seven member bench Supreme Court verdict, unequivocally exposes the rot that has set in! In fact the verdict has made the President Sirisena an unconstitutional president in reality. Now is the time for mass class action to bring down the president and whatever and whichever set of bandicoots are usurping power. Yes, JVP has started talking about the impeachment of Sirisena, and in a way showing their “holier than thou” attitude! The Socialists and genuine fighters for democratic traditions should call the bluff of these communalists who have camouflaged themselves as “Marxists” with radical rhetoric.
The working class must come into action now, push the demand for mobilisations against the entire lot, draw behind them all oppressed sections, particularly the Tamils and Tamil Speaking Muslims for a united action. Sirisenas, Rajapakshes, rightwing Buddhists and neo-liberal capitalist Ranils can be defeated by the Working Class through their organised strength. The only lasting solution lies in building a Democratic Socialist Alternative led by the working class in alliance with all the oppressed sections.

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